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15HP Diesel Hand tractor rotary tiller

Henan VIC Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Port:Qingdao, China
  • Production Capacity:10000set/Year
  • Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
  • Type:Rake
  • Usage:Farmland Infrastructure
  • Material:Carbon Steel
  • Power Source:Diesel
  • Weight:400KG
  • power:6--15HP

Base Info

  • Model NO.:XGJ-15
  • Trademark:VIC
  • Transport Package:Wooden Box
  • Specification:CE, ISO
  • Origin:Chia


15HP Diesel Hand tractor rotary tiller
 1.Product description:
Walking tractor
The hand-held tractor is a traction and driving type tractor, which is compact, durable and reliable, flexible in operation, good in passability, and equipped with riding equipment. The hand-held tractor has greater horsepower and efficiency, and is suitable for paddy field dryland and farming in orchards, vegetable gardens, vegetable gardens and hilly areas. Plowing, rotary tilling, rotary fielding, trenching, sowing, transportation and other operations can be carried out with the corresponding agricultural implements and accessories.
This product has the characteristics of large power, small size, light weight, easy to start, low fuel consumption, good reliability, convenient operation and maintenance, wide application, etc. It is widely used in walking tractors, agricultural tricycles, water pumps, generator sets, small Supporting power for machinery such as ships, crushers, and small construction machinery. It is also used with a rotary tiller tiller.

Technical Parameters
Cultivated land width120cm
Cultivated land depth35cm
Water cooled diesel engine modelR1100
Optionalseats, rotary knives, weeding wheels, turning ploughs, ridgers, electric starters, openers, paddy wheels, etc.

More picture:
15HP Diesel Hand tractor rotary tiller
15HP Diesel Hand tractor rotary tiller

15HP Diesel Hand tractor rotary tiller
15HP Diesel Hand tractor rotary tiller
1).Preparation before starting
Careful inspection of the locomotive before use can eliminate hidden dangers and effectively prevent accidents. Generally, the diesel engine and the chassis should be inspected for oil leakage, air leakage and water leakage. Check if the cooling water of the diesel engine is sufficient. Check the oil level and quality of the oil pan lubricant. Check the oil level of the gearbox oil. Unscrew the oil inspection screw plug on the tank, so that the gear oil can overflow from the screw hole. If it is insufficient, add it. Check the tension of the V-belt. The belt is too loose and should be adjusted. Check tire pressure. If the air pressure is too low, it should be made up.
2 )diesel engine start
Pull the tractor's clutch brake handle to the off position. Place the shift lever in the neutral position. Move the throttle handle to the starting position. Open the decompression handle with your left hand and hold the starter handle with your right hand to shake the crankshaft of the diesel engine. Gradually increase the speed, the left hand quickly relaxes the decompression handle, and the right hand continues to accelerate the shaking until the diesel engine starts.
After the diesel engine is started, check if the oil pressure indicating valve is raised. Listen to the sound of the diesel engine. Observe the smoke. After confirming that everything is normal, let the diesel engine run for a while, so that the water temperature rises to 40-60 degrees.
3) tractor start
After warming up, you can start. At the start, lift the front support of the tractor up. Do not hold the steering handle, swing the handrail left and right until it stops. Pull the clutch brake lever to the "off" position. Shift the shift lever and place it in the desired gear position. Put the clutch brake handle from "off" to the "closed" position, causing the tractor to slowly start moving. Control the throttle according to the amount of traction load
4) shifting
When the tractor is in operation, when the load and road conditions change and the traction or driving speed needs to be changed, it can be realized by shifting. Before shifting gears, quickly pull the clutch brake handle to the "off" position. Hang the shift lever to the desired position, push it to the left for low gear, and pull it to the right for high gear. Slowly combine the clutch and the tractor will get the corresponding speed.
5 )steering
The steering of the walking tractor is achieved by manipulating the left and right steering handles. When turning, you must first reduce the throttle to reduce the speed. Then, pinch the right steering handle and turn to the right. Pinch the left steering handle and turn left. Make small adjustments during straight-line driving. You don't need to pinch the steering handle, just push the armrest. When equipped with a ride, push the right foot pedal forward, turn the tractor to the right, push the left foot pedal forward, and turn the tractor to the left.
6 )brake parking
The brake handle of the walking tractor is made with the clutch handle. The clutch rocker arm and the brake rocker arm are also made in one piece. When the handle is pulled from the engaged position to the disengaged position, the arm swing angle is small and the braking effect is not obtained. The handle continues to pull back, the swinging arm swing angle increases, and the brakes begin to act, causing the tractor to stop. If you hang the trailer, you also need to step on the trailer brake at the same time. After the tractor stops, release the brake. In order to prevent the clutch spring from aging, put the clutch handle to the "closed" position, let the diesel engine idle for a few minutes at low speed, gradually lower the water temperature and oil temperature, and then close the throttle to extinguish.
Be careful not to slam the throttle before turning off the flame. After the flame is turned off, turn off the tank switch. Turn the flywheel to place the piston at top dead center. Better protection of the machine.

2.Walking tractor maintenance storage:
If the walking tractor is not used for a long time, there will be a series of problems and malfunctions. In order to avoid failure when using again, pay attention to the maintenance measures.
1. Parking location. It should be placed in the warehouse, but not put together with chemical fertilizers and pesticides to prevent it from corroding the parts; if parked outdoors, choose a high-lying, dry and ventilated place, and cover it with a plastic cloth to prevent mechanical damage and Corrosion.
2. Pad machine parts. The tractor should be padded with wooden piers or masonry to reduce the load on the tires. If the pads are not supported, the tires should be increased by 10% to 20%, and should be inspected frequently, often inflated, and not insufficiency.
3. Wash thoroughly. Remove the dirt and oil on the exterior of the tractor, and thoroughly inspect, adjust, and tighten the parts and screws to prevent loosening.
4. Put clean oil. After the tractor is deactivated, the cooling water, diesel oil, and engine oil in the engine should be completely removed.
5. Maintenance of the machine. Take an appropriate amount of dewatering machine oil (heat the oil to about 130 °C) and pour into the intake pipe to rotate the crankshaft so that the oil adheres to the piston, piston rod, cylinder liner and valve. Shake the piston to the compression top dead center to prevent the valve spring, push rod and other parts from being pressed for a long time and lose their performance.
6. Remove the injector. After cleaning the injector, put it into clean diesel, loosen the adjusting screw, and block the injector chamber with a cork.
7. Fill the axle box with oil. Take 1kg of dehydration oil, pour into the crankcase, and then turn the crankshaft a few turns to make the lubrication system full of dehydration oil.
8. Parts of polyester oil. Apply the dehydration oil to the fastening parts such as the rocker arm, high pressure oil pipe, fuel injection, bolts and nuts to prevent rust.
9. Lubricate well. According to the overall lubrication requirements of the tractor, select the lubricating oil that meets the standard for full lubrication.
10. Bandaged and dustproof. The air filter, exhaust pipe, water tank port, fuel tank port, etc. of the engine are easily put into the dust, and bundled with plastic cloth or oil paper to prevent entry of debris and dust.
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15HP Diesel Hand tractor rotary tiller