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Chicken Poultry Feeding Cage Equipment

Qingdao Xinguangzheng Husbandry Co., Ltd.
  • Port:Qingdao, China
  • Production Capacity:50000pieces/Month
  • Payment Terms:L/C, T/T
  • Type:Poultry Farming
  • Usage:Poultry Farming
  • Application:Chicken
  • Power Source:Electric
  • Heating and Ventilation Equipment Type:Steam or Hot Water Heating
  • Epidemic Prevention Equipment:Mobile Vaccination Car

Base Info

  • Model NO.:HLD5300
  • Computerized:Environmental Controller
  • Certification:UL, QS, GMP, ISO9001:2008, CE
  • Condition:New
  • Silo:Galvanized Sheet
  • Feed Tube:45mm Diameter, 1.2 Thick Galvanized Pipe
  • Auger:South African Imports
  • Feed Pan:Primary PP Material
  • Drinking Fountain:Stainless Steel
  • Trademark:XGZ
  • Transport Package:Container
  • Specification:Customizable
  • Origin:China


Chicken Poultry Feeding Cage Equipment

The characteristics of the layer cage
1.Equipped with defeated layered chicken cages is the dominant trend in the future of modern cage management. This system is suitable for brooding, breeding and laying of laying hens. The cascading laying hens are designed and made with SPACE, which makes the cages have durable quality and integrates the advanced technology of Italy. Each 122.15cm square tube cage supports the cages and the structure is firm. All use plug-in connections to clear
Washing and maintenance is easier.

Chicken Poultry Feeding Cage Equipment
2.Aluminized zinc corrosion protection
-Wire mesh without corrosion marks
-Excellent solder joint protection
-The screen and surface are still bright and smooth
-Beautiful appearance
-The screen is still elastic
-The bottom net is safe and secure
-Easy to clean and sanitary
-Meet the requirements of sulfur dioxide test and salt spray test
-Reached the requirements of 14 years of farm field trials
-Is the absolute right choice for all types of cages

Chicken Poultry Feeding Cage Equipment

3.Solid metal structure
-he cage is tightly coupled and has a firm structure
-Use square tube support column
-More secure with plug-in connections
-All fixing bolts are made of imported bolts, which have strong rust and corrosion resistance.
-The bottom layer trough has pedals for mounting slides
-pen net
-Ideal for longitudinal ventilation
-Regional illumination idea
Chicken Poultry Feeding Cage Equipment

4.Feeding car
Power operation economical, one motor per row, motor with brake function
Feeder self-driving at a rate of 11m/min
2 bins per floor, each bin capacity is approximately 35kg
Each bin has a homogenizer for the appropriate amount
The feeding car runs on the rails at the top of the cage
The feeding car drives the rope by itself, with a disconnect protection device, which is beneficial to protect the safe stop of the vehicle without power.

Chicken Poultry Feeding Cage Equipment
5.mported polypropylene (PP) decontamination zone
Each end head is equipped with a dust cover
No dust and fecal overflow in addition to feces
In addition to the manure belt scraping rubber plate can be effective
Clean the feces, the rubber protects the manure belt from damage
Feces will not fall on the device
The faeces in the hen cage can be simply and quickly dropped from the septic strip below the cage to the lateral faecal strip and then output from the lift slip to the truck.

Chicken Poultry Feeding Cage Equipment
6. Central Egg System
Horizontal egg automatic lifting
Eggs are evenly stable
Low breakage rate
Centralized storage of eggs

7. The electronic control system and environmental control system adopt international imported brands, which are suitable for all regions of the world.

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